Magento Enterprise Vs. Shopify Plus: Why Magento Enterprise Is The Best Option For Your large business

E-commerce business

E-commerce business involves various tasks. Thus, you need to run it successfully and reduce errors. Many retailers fail to succeed because they build their websites with fewer features. Therefore, they do not enhance the growth. However, with Magento enterprise or Shopify plus as your enterprise e-commerce platform, you will efficiently run your business without losses. These platforms have features that will automatically manage the business. Magento enterprise is turning to be a leading platform with advanced features that enhance the functionality of your website. Here are 4 reasons why it is the best for an enterprise business:

Magento enterprise is an open source platform

Magento Enterprise is a leading open source platform. It is highly customizable to offer you with the freedom to make changes on your website. You can add advanced features that can improve your site’s functionality. Because things are rapidly changing, you may need to update or change the design of your website. Magento enterprise will care for your needs and help you to fulfill your goals. However, with this enterprise e-commerce platform, you need the coding skills. The way you code will determine the design of your website. Thus, if you are not a coding expert, you can hire a designer.

Magento enterprise has integrated payment gateways

Every e-commerce business involves payments. Thus, you need to ensure that you provide the payment methods that most customers prefer. The mobile payment, credit/debit cards, and PayPal are some of the methods you need to offer. However, having several ways for customers to choose is essential. The Magento enterprise will help you to achieve this. It currently has 118 payment gateways, and you can add more. With this, customers can make purchases quickly.

Magento enterprise is highly scalable

If your goal is to enhance the growth of your business, you need to give the scalability feature a priority. It will allow your website to adjust to changes in traffic levels. Magento Enterprise is a great platform that is highly scalable. With this, your site will handle a tremendous amount of work. Because it is self-hosted, it will provide an opportunity for you to choose a reliable hosting provider. With this, your site will have unlimited bandwidth and accept the growth.


Another crucial feature that enhances your business growth is security. It will prevent your business and customers from encountering losses. Magento enterprise will offer you the responsibility to establish your site’s security. You need to ensure that you include the PCI (Payment Card Industry) and SSL (Secure Socket Layers) to secure your customers’ data.


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